As of today the intellectual property
rights protection is not a luxury
but stern necessity

на правах рекламы

Greetings from Patent Attorney Julia Nikoleva


The major sphere of my activity is industrial designs and means of individualization of goods and services (trademarks and service marks).


In the world there is never-ending process of developing new technology and improving of existing enginery. For that purpose that a consumer could differ a latter-day article from the prior one, new design is invented or retrofited. Thus, dihonest producers avail of this and pattern after appearence of popular things. So, why doeas this happen? The answer is rather simple - legal protection is not provided. Lately many companies have strived to get protection for not solely the functionality of their solutions but the appearance thereof that also may and must be a subject of legal protection. As an example some automobiles can be brought.



Means of individualization of goods and services are also one of the fundamental directions of business which help enterpreneurs to stand out their goods/services on the market, to make them racy, making much of an impression and unique among similar products of other economic entities.

Starting out business a busy man thinks over his company and production reputation. Eventually, as a result of painstaking work the company acquires its corporate identity that let easily recognize it on the market. However, not many people reflect over that it is necessary to obtain legal protection at the very beginning of business launching in order to nobody could thieve your ideas, logos, designs at the very moment when your company is on the upswing, and dishonest competitors could not avail of the well-established reputation getting profit instaed of you.

Thus, my job is dedicated in order to such things do not happen.

The second, but not less important direction of my activity is copyright.


To my regret very few people consider this part of the law significant and important as, for example, the criminal law. However, that is. For any author the most important thing is to fix his copyright onset. If this has not been done in due time the events are fraught with losses of time and money unless you can prove in the courts that you are the autor. Due to intricacy of this prosess many unscrupulous individuals have the opportunity to earn other people's good fees.

Authors, be vigilant and legally competent. And you can get your own money.


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