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» My activity in designs
на правах рекламы

My activity in designs

The whole range of services on registration of exclusive rights for industrail designs:

communication with the Russian Patent Office:

- preparation and filing design applications with the Russian Patent Office and corresponding paperwork management;
- preparation of responses to formal and substantive office actions, including upholding of originality of the claimed design;
- preparation of materials and responses to office actions for filing divisional applications;
- patents maintenance;
- patents restoring;
- actions concerns granting of patents duplicates;

- preparation and submitting of objections with the Chamber of Patent Disputes;
- preparation of the documents confirming transfer of exclusive rights, introducung the amendments into the applicants/patent holders' and(or) authors' names/location addresses and submitting thereof with the Russian Patent Office;

- preparation of documents and filing to the Russian Patent Office under the license agreements.

communication with applicants:

- consulting on the most apropriate filing options and combining of several designs into one multiple application;
- consulting within intellectual property rights legislation;
- consulting and preparation of written reports on design patents infringement;
- conducting of searches, including patentholder search, patent clearence search and world novelty search;
- depositing of industrial designs prior filing an application and registration.

international application (Hague system):

- preparation of responses to provisional refusals within the Russian Federation and filing thereof with the Russian Patent Office;
- any paperwork managment.

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