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» My activity in fixation and protection of copyright
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My activity in fixation and protection of copyright

The modern legislation does not stipulate an exhaustive list of objects which can be protected as copyright. However, broadly speaking, creations that are subject to copyright throughout the world include:

  • literary works, such as novels, poems, reference books, newspaper articles;
  • computer programs and data bases;
  • films, musical pieces, choreographic performances;
  • works of fiction, for example, paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures;
  • architectural constructions;
  • advertisments, maps, technical drawings;
The copyright covers only the ways of expression of creative ideas expressed in a physical form. Ideas, procedures, methods of work and mathematical concepts are not subject to the copyright.

The copyright covers two kinds of the rights:

  • economic rights which let the rightholder get financial reward due to use of his work by other persons
  • moral rights which let object against amendments into he author's works that can harm the creator's reputation.
It is a common misbelief that the works published in the Internet, including the social networking websites, are public domain and therefore can be broadly used by anyone without the rightholder's permission. Any works protected with the copyright or neighbouring rights - from musical pieces to multimedia products, newspaper articles and audiovisual works - which have the protection term not expired are protected independently on whether they come through the paper or in digital format. As a rule, in every case before use you sould obtain the rightholder's permission.

In many countries, including Russia, the copyright is not subject to compulsive registration and arise automatically from the moment it was created. Therefore, there is no a single mechanism for legalisation of copyright as well as a single government body fixing its preservation. The only exclusions are the computer programs and data bases, the certificates for which the Russian Patent Office grants if the author wishes to register these products. The rest of the copyright can be fixed with different ways at the author's wish. The formal registration of the copyright will significantly smooth the confirmation of its arising process in case of court proceeding or other disputable situation. It can be done in the authors assosiations, special purpose private organisations, law companies or notaries, in the Russian book chamber if the copyright protection is required on the territory of the Russian Federation. If protection is also required outside the Russian Federation there are several options for documentary registration.

Option 1.
Registration in the authors assosiations.
Benefits: some of them check the unique character of the work, the certificate is sufficient evidence in the courts of the Russian Federation.
Disadvantages: direct protection is not provided outside the Russian Federation (for example, the text can be published under other author in Israel or Estonia; the certificate will merely be a circumstantial evidence and can be ignored by another country's court); only ownership is fixed (but not authorship) for getting authors' fees. The assosoations may refuse in registration without giving reasons.
If you order the service from us: Euro 70-140 + the assosiation's charge (the amount depends on the text volume).

Option 2.
Registration in the USA Congress library.
Benefits: checking of the unique character of the work, the certificate is accepted as direct and sufficient evidence of arising of the copyright from the moment the application is recieved by the library.
Disadvantages: the application is under consideration not less than 8 months; additional documentary evidence of the copyright may be required; the translation into English (sometimes other languages) can be required. It can be refused in registration without giving reasons.
If you order the service from us: starting from Euro 200 + the library's charge + charge for translation (if required), depends on the volume of the work and presence of the author's translation.

Option 3.
Official publication on the Internet on a certain web resource with the corresponding legal registration.
Benefits: the time of arising of the copyright is precisely fixed due to filling out of the deed of placement where the work's unique number is indicated, the fixed address of placement in the server and domain, the genuine author's data, the author's pseudonym (if any), the time of the application receipt for placement, the time of receipt of the text copy and the time of placement of the text in the server (up to the minute and, if neccesary, the second) as well as the text volume in bytes and printed sheets. This registration gives you protection within the Russian Federation and in any other country of the world as well although is not a direct evidence in a row of cases (more often if the very fact of authorship is disputed). At your wish a certificate may be additionally prepared confirming the placement of the work by you namely, since it let introduce the amendments into the text with fixing of all neccesary juridical procedures. You manage the text at your discretion. That is a direct evidence in the arbitration internet courts and an inderect evidence of arising of the copyright in any other courts (based on the court practice it is taken into consideration in any case and carry more weight than registration in the authors assosiations if it is referred to proceedings outside the Russian Federation).
Disadvantages: absence of check of the unique character of the work, i.e. all the material is on the publisher's conscience; the annual fee for the server space, in case it is not paid the text may be deleted.
If you order the service from us: Euro 35-70 + the annual fee (about Euro 8) + costs for digitization (if the text and the drawings are on the paper).

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