As of today the intellectual property
rights protection is not a luxury
but stern necessity

на правах рекламы

What is design

Design it is a creative embodiment of a product’s appearance.

That is how a product looks like.

For example, an ordinary bottle can be visually produced in thousands of different manners and made attractive for a consumer.

Design is one of the key factors in determining success of products on the market.

Design is an aesthetic aspect of a product. That is an aesthetic item that makes goods alluring and interesting for consumers, and visual appeal is one of the key considerations that affects buyers’ decision to prefer namely this but not other commodity.

Design helps companies to make their production different from competitors’ goods and strengthen firm reputation.

It may be remembered to the point a famous proverb “Good clothes open all doors” that means that people evaluate the content on the assumption of the appearance.

That’s why providing of proper design legal protection of articles is so important in the modern world.

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