As of today the intellectual property
rights protection is not a luxury
but stern necessity

на правах рекламы


Design is not just a shape and visual appeal, that is also many things that accompany us during our lives -

Jewelry ornament (patent # 86028)

An automobile (patent # 86596)

Recharger (patent # 86620)

Payment cards (patent # 92277)

A knee implant (patent # 92153)

And even the things that accompany us after our life:

A tombstone (patent # 92245)

A memorial complex (patent # 92095)

In the world driven by design any thing can become a trendy accessory - a bag, a phone, an automobile. But for this purpose it is necessary to create corresponding illusion for the consumers.

There is fashion for everything: for rings, phones and covers for them, beautiful trains, trams, sports complexes, children's complexes, stylish axes, bright garden scissors.

An industrial design is an alternative to utility model:

Ophthalmological diagnostic and treatment complex (patent # 92033)

An industrial design is an alternative to trade marks:

A drawing for a package surface (patent # 85350)

Notably that such protection costs at least 3 times cheaper than as a trademark, and the term validity is rather long - up to 25 years.

Protection of admittedly “unprotected” ideas, theories is also possible as designs:

Scheme of work organization with patients (patent # 92509)

Scheme of holding of a charity action (patent # 92013)

Microsoft Corporation regularly obtains industrial design patents such as graphical user interface (## 92146, 92181, 92183, 92396).

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