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The Intellectual Property Court: the Russian Patent Office is not entitled to compare a trademark and a company name of another person on its own initiative

The Intellectual Property Court (IPC) published a Review of the practice of applying certain grounds for refusal of state registration of a trademark (clauses 2, 4, 5, 8 and 9 of article 1483 of the civil code of the Russian Federation), approved by the IPC Presidium decree No. SP - 21/4 dated February 20, 2020.


Earlier, before the Review, the practice of applying the certain clauses of article 1483 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation consisted of several resolutions of the Plenums of the Supreme Court and the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation, as well as a very large array of disparate judicial acts adopted even before the appearance of the IPC. Now there is a single generalized document that addresses ambiguous and controversial issues of the application of this article. 

Patenting of gene and protein sequences: an EU and US perspective

In both the EU and the US native gene and protein sequences cannot be patented. However, under both regimes biological materials, and gene/protein sequences identical to those found in nature, may be patent protected in certain circumstances.

The requirements for patentability of gene/protein sequences differ between the EU and US, leading to a number of issues and considerations that patentees and patent drafters must be aware of when seeking to protect biological material in these territories.

Usage of graphic techniques to extend the scope of legal protection of industrial designs

V.V. Mordvinova
Russian Patent Attorney


Lately, more and more often, dotted lines have appeared in images of patented industrial designs. The share of such patents has reached about 10%, at that, the leaders of such depiction of industrial designs are applicants from US, IT, KR, SE, FI. Predominantly, patents have been issued for such objects as "Graphical interface". So, the company SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD (KR) regularly patented industrial designs wherein dotted lines were used in the images for visual binding of graphic elements (menus, buttons, icons, lists, etc.) to mobile devices (patents Nos. 91034 - 91045). The user interface elements made in the form of various graphic images and arranged in a certain order within the mobile device display received legal protection as industrial designs. See the patents Nos. 91039, 92181 and 92396 (on the illustration).

What is the difference between appellation of origin and geographical indication of goods in Russia?

In Russia it is coming soon to appear a new intellectual property object – geographical indication.

The principal difference is that appellation of origin implies more strict registration and usage conditions than the geographical indication which is going to be introduced.

Mitigation of usage conditions of geographical indications will stimulate the economics development, formation of tourist attractiveness and positioning of regions.

Results of the 2018 competition for the best European design


The DesignEuropa Awards ceremony takes place every two years, in a prestigious location with architectural significance and resonance.

The POLIN conference centre hosted the DesignEuropa Awards ceremony on 27 November 2018. It is one of the most striking and emblematic buildings in Warsaw, Poland, and has won many major international architectural prizes.

Two outstanding European designs have been honoured at the ceremony in Warsaw:

The Small and Emerging Companies Award has been won by the Air.Go 2.0 automatic bag drop system, owned by Danish firm Marcus Pedersen ApS, and designed by Sara Clement. The Industry Award was won by the ARTIS pheno robotic C-arm angiography system from Siemens Healthcare GmbH, designed by Nadja Roth and Tobias Reese.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Hartmut Esslinger, a German designer with global reach and impact. He is known for his collaboration with Steve Jobs and Apple which led to the creation of the “Snow White” design language for Apple in the 1980s.

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