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Geneva act of the Lisbon agreement on appellations of origin and geographical indications (as adopted on May 20, 2015)

Geneva act of the Lisbon agreement on appellations of origin
and geographical indications (as adopted on May 20, 2015)

List of Articles

Chapter I: Introductory and General Provisions

Article 1: Abbreviated Expressions
Article 2: Subject-Matter
Article 3: Competent Authority
Article 4: International Register

Chapter II: Application and International Registration

Article 5: Application
Article 6: International Registration
Article 7: Fees
Article 8: Period of Validity of International Registrations

Chapter III: Protection

Article 9: Commitment to Protect
Article 10: Protection Under Laws of Contracting Parties and Other Instruments
Article 11: Protection in Respect of Registered Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications
Article 12: Protection Against Becoming Generic
Article 13: Safeguards in Respect of Other Rights
Article 14: Enforcement Procedures and Remedies

Chapter IV: Refusal and Other Actions in Respect of International Registration

Article 15: Refusal
Article 16: Withdrawal of Refusal
Article 17: Transitional Period
Article 18: Notification of Grant of Protection
Article 19: Invalidation
Article 20: Modifications and Other Entries in the International Register

Chapter V: Administrative Provisions

Article 21: Membership of the Lisbon Union
Article 22: Assembly of the Special Union
Article 23: International Bureau
Article 24: Finances
Article 25: Regulations

Chapter VI: Revision and Amendment

Article 26: Revision
Article 27: Amendment of Certain Articles by the Assembly

Chapter VII: Final Provisions

Article 28: Becoming Party to This Act
Article 29: Effective Date of Ratifications and Accessions
Article 30: Prohibition of Reservations
Article 31: Application of the Lisbon Agreement and the 1967 Act
Article 32: Denunciation
Article 33: Languages of This Act; Signature
Article 34: Depositary
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