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The European Union: competition for the best design

Industrial design within the European Union

Eurasian design patent in drafting

In the autumn of 2018 a regular meeting at the state level is planned concerns the creation of a single industrial design patent within the Eurasian space.

International design registration

Starting from February 28, 2018 it is possible to file international design applications designating Russia.


V. V. Mordvinova "A new view on industrial designs"

There is an opinion that almost everything has been invented. And when the technological possibilities are exhausted there comes an era of design.

Design spins around of functionality and ergonomics. But design is not just a shape and visual appeal, that is also many things that accompany us during our lives.

The drawing is taken from:

Prohibition of unfair competition related to creation of confusion

The Federal law on protection of competition # 135 (from 2006-07-14)

Article 14.6. Prohibition of unfair competition related to creation of confusion

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